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to take a photograph or photographs of (an individual, detail etcetera). He spends all his time photographing previous properties. fotografeer يُصَوِّر снимам fotografar fotografovat fotografieren fotografere φωτογραφίζωfotografiar pildistama عکس گرفتن valokuvata photographier לְצָלֵם चित्र खींचना, फोटे लेना fotografiranje (le)fényképez membuat foto ljósmynda fotografare 写真をとる 사진을 찍다 fotografuoti fotografēt mengambil gambar fotograferenfotograferefotografować عکس خیستل fotografar a fotografia фотографировать fotografovať fotografirati fotografisati fotografera ถ่ายภาพ fotoğrafını çekmek 拍照 фотографувати تصوير اتارنا chụp ảnh 拍照

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I love Performing within the darkroom at my school. I am graduating so I made this online video so I will recall the Exclusive put the place I expended a lot time. (

(abbreviation Photograph (ˈfoutou) ) an image taken by a digicam, utilizing the motion of sunshine on film or plates covered with certain chemical compounds. I took loads of photos for the duration of my holiday. foto صورَه снимка fotografia fotografie die Fotografie foto; billede φωτογραφίαfotografía foto عکس valokuva photographie תְמוּנוֹת फोटोग्राफ, चित्र लेने के लिए कैमरे का प्रयोग करना fotografija fénykép foto ljósmynd fotografia 写真 사진 fotografija, nuotrauka fotogrāfija gambar foto fotofotografifotografia عکس fotografia fotografie фотография fotografia fotografija fotografija fotografi ภาพถ่าย fotoğraf 照片 фотографія, знімок کيمرہ سے لي گئي تصوير bức ảnh 照片

xerography - forming a picture because of the action of light over a specially coated charged plate; the latent image is made with powders that adhere only to electrically charged places; "edge enhancement is intrinsic in xerography"

video clip digitizing - the entire process of capturing and converting and storing video pictures to be used by a computer

with Paul Taggart Learn tactics for taking pictures a photo story about an function—In cases like this, a youth ice sculpting Levels of competition in Fairbanks, Alaska.

the system of employing a spectrograph, an optical system for breaking gentle down into a spectrum Mainostoimisto Speciaali and recording the final results photographically. — spectrographic, adj.

overexpose - expose to an excessive amount of mild; "the photographic film was overexposed and there is no picture"

But I suppose you would probably recognise a photograph of her if you saw a person? You can find also a day—two several years back the photograph was specified. The daguerreotype was followed in 1850 because of the present "photograph." The law firm drew a photograph from his desk and looked at it, smiling tenderly. I deliver you a photograph of all you will find of the Howell outfit.

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Valokuvaus one. the measurement of the depth of radiation using a recording actinometer, commonly by the photochemical outcome.

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